Everything the Church hopes to share and accomplish is through some form of ministry. The Twelve Apostles set the first tradition of service and witness, and we are called to follow their example. Old Mission invites you to become part of its ministry of faithful sharing through attending mass, liturgies and educational opportunities.

We have openings for lectors, servers at mass, singers and musicians, ushers and greeters, ministers to the homebound, catechists to children and adults, and care for sacred altar linens, to name a few. We hope you will consider how the Holy Spirit may be calling you to give as you have received.


Education and Catechesis

Religious Education

Religious Education is for children in grades 1-6.  To find out more information about the changes to our Religious Education format during COVID-19, please read Fr. Kelly’s letter on our website’s home page.  For more information, contact the Parish Office at 805.781-8220 or by email:

Click the links below for Registration forms.

Note: The Registration form allows you to type in the information.  Please download the form and save it with your family name.  Fill it out and email it back to

Nota: En la solicitud de inscripción le permite escribir la información. Descargue la solicitud y guárdela con su apellido. Llénela y envíela por correo electrónico a

Liturgical Ministry


Lectors are lay members commissioned to proclaim God’s word from sacred Scripture during Mass and at other liturgies. It requires a steady voice and a sense of comfort with public speaking. We provide training and support. If this is your gift, please bring it forward to be shared.
Contact Gayne Pinto-Bennett at the Parish Office, (805) 781-8220 ext. 38 for more information.

Extraordinary ministers of the eucharist

Extraordinary ministers of the eucharist are those who assist to distribute communion during mass. We call and commission those who have a deep reverence for the Eucharist and a sense of participation in its mystery. We provide liturgical and sacramental training to help you share the body and blood of Christ with your parish family and the many guests who come to the Mission throughout the year.
Contact Gayne Pinto-Bennett at the Parish Office, (805) 781-8220 ext. 38 for more information.

Music Min Photo

Music ministry

Music ministry is integral to Old Mission worship. It’s said that “those who sing, pray twice.” We are always looking (and listening) for cantors, accompanists and choir members. The Mission choir practices every Wednesday evening and leads our 11:00 am Sunday Mass. On major Feasts we may include trumpet, violin, flute and our historic pipe organ. If you have musical gifts to share, we will help you to do so. Contact our Music Director at (805) 781-8220 ext. 22 or

New Choir Members- Feb 2019

Pastoral Care Ministers

Pastoral Care Ministers begin their service through the liturgy but complete it in homes, hospitals, jails and nursing facilities. From the earliest days of the church, ministers of communion were sent to bring the Eucharist to those who were unable to be present at mass. That tradition is carried on by our pastoral care ministers. You are trained on how to keep, transport and share Christ’s body with those in great need. Your presence is often a welcome grace to those you visit.
Contact Patty Moyer Pepper at the parish office at (805) 781-8220 ext, 19 for more information.

Hispanic Ministry

Para información en Español, llama al numero (805) 781-8220

Altar servers

Altar servers, sometime called acolytes, are those called to serve priests and deacons during the mass. Few roles are more essential to a dignified celebration of the mass than a gifted altar server. Serving at Mass requires knowledge of the liturgy and its parts and attention to detail. We provide training and mentoring for youth and adults, male and female. If you would like to train or retrain as an altar server, contact the Parish Office at (805) 781-8220 or

Greeters and ushers

Greeters and ushers, also called hospitality ministers, provide not only welcome, but assistance and service throughout the mass. Most greeters also help usher and assist with the collection. With seven masses every weekend and four sets of doors, we can always use ministers of welcome somewhere on Saturday evening and throughout Sunday. If you enjoy greeting people, like to smile and are a good all-around host, we hope you will offer your service by speaking to one of our greeters or contacting the parish office at (805) 781-8220.


Care of Sacred Linens

Care of Sacred Linens, sometimes called altar society, this ministry of service has ancient roots. The linens used during the mass must always be clean, pressed, and presentable. We use dozens of purificators, corporals, and towels throughout the week. If you would like to provide a service you can offer from home, know how to launder and iron, we will show you the details that make this truly a sacred commitment. It is a team ministry, so your service may be every 3-4 weeks. Call the parish office at (805) 781-8220 for more information.

I am not Catholic but would like learn more about the Catholic faith.

Contact April Riforgiate at (805) 781-8220 ext. 15 or email